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what can i do with python skills

A beginner guide for what can I do with Python skills in 2023


If you seek an answer to what can I do with python skills and learn python which is one of the most popular programming language in recent years. Python is basically uses in everything whether it is machine learning or software testing to building websites. The programming language can be used by developers and non-developers and it is a general-purpose language that is designed to be used for a number of applications include software, web development, data science, automation and significantly getting the stuffs done. 

Let us have a closer look at what python is, what you can do by learning python, and how you learn it. 

What is Python?

Python is a kind of computer programming language that often used to build software, websites, conduct data analysis, and automate tasks. Python is one of the computer language program that is used to create multiple programs and is not specilized for further specific problems. However, the ability to adapt has made python the most used program along with the beginner-friendliness recently.

The developer survey of Stack Overflow in 2022 revealed python, the fourth programming language is popular worldwide. The respondents of the developer survey use python 50 percent during their development work. The results of survey reflected on the technology with 80% of developers who are not using python are interested in learning python. 

What is Python used for?

what can i do with python skills

The computer programming language python is commonly used to develop softwares, websites, data visualization, and data analysis. Since, python is relatively easy to learn and it is adopted by multiple non-programmers such as accountants use it for organizing finances which is used unders everyday tasks. 

You can write programs for multiple reasons such as making a living to solving data analysis problems to helping someone solve a problem to having fun. 

Now the primary thing is where you can use python and a question arises what can I do with python skills. So, you can do several things with python which are given below: 

  • Web Development
  • Data analysis and Machine learning
  • Software testing or prototyping 
  • Automation or Scripting
  • Everyday tasks 

Here, we are going to explore what we can do with python and a common ground how it will be used. 

Web development

what can i do with python skills

Python is computer programming language that is used to develop back end of application or websites as these are the things that a user do not see. The role of python in web development include processing data and communication with databases, sending data to servers, URL routing, sending data from servers, and ensuring security. The computer programming laguage python offers multiple frameworks for web development which is often used ones include Flask and Django. 

There are some web development jobs where python is commonly used include back-end engineers, python developers, full stack engineers, DevOps engineers, and software engineers. 

Data analysis and machine learning

Python allows data analyst and other professionals to create visualization, conduct statistical calculations, manipulate and analyse data, build machine learning algorithms, and complete other tasks related to data. 

So, what can I do with python skills is that I will build different data visualization in wide ranges such as bar graph and lines, histograms, pie charts, and 3D plots. However, python has a lot of libraries enabling program coders to write programs for data analysis and machine learning quickly and efficiently. 

Software Testing or Prototyping

When it comes to software development, python is the programming language that can aid in different tasks such as bug tracking, building control, and testing. So, what can we do after learning python is I can automate testing for new products and features which comes under software development by using the tools for testing include Requestium and Green.

Automation and Scripting 

If you find yourself repeatedly performing the same tasks, what can I do with python skills is work more effectively by automating it with the use of python computer language program. Writing code of building automation process known as scripting. By scripting the tasks to write coding is used to check errors across different files, execute simple maths, convert files while removing duplicates in data. 

Python is a simple computer programming language even used by the beginners as if I learn python what can I do is simple tasks automation such as finding and downloading online content, renaming files, sending texts or emails at desired intervals. 

Everyday Tasks 

The computer programming language python is not only for data analysts and programmers. Learning python will throw new opportunity your way especially to those who are less data-heavy professionals. These professionals are journalists, social media marketers, and small business owners. It can also enable the possibilities for non-programmers to specifically simplify everyday certain tasks. Therefore, these are the things what can we do in python is to automate such tasks:

  • You can send yourself a reminder to carry the things you want 
  • Keep track of stock market or crypto prices
  • You can update your grocery shopping lists 
  • Rename the large files batches
  • Randomly assign houslhold jobs to family members 
  • Converting text files to spreadsheets 
  • You can fill out online forms automatically

Python Popularity 

The computer programming language is popular with a variety of reasons. Take a depper look what can I do after learning python is the use to write codes which makes it versatile. 

Python has a simple syntax that copy natural language that is why it is easy to read and understand. Copying the natural language makes it quicker to set-up and fasten the project improvement on them. 

Python is versatile. It can be used to perform multiple tasks that you may take from web development to machine learning.

It’s beginner friendly behvaiour makes it popular for coders who are new to the field. Python is free to use as it is an open source for commercial purposes and for distribution.

The computer programming language python records history of libraries and modules with bundles of third party user’s codes which were created to expand the capabilities whichis growing and vast. 

Python has an active and large community that contributes modules and libraries pool that helps them with the available resources. 

The major supporting community helps when coders run into problems of block, finding the solution to problem is relatively easy. There might be a situation where someone have encountered the same problem before you do.


In conclusion, the computer programming language python is one of the most popular for commercial and personal uses. It is easy to learn and used for many things as resources available for web development, scientific computing, and data science. Taking  a course in Python and what can I do with python skills is to learn to coding and programing will land you a job that will help you grow with the use of python. You have multiple options to choose that depends on your learning goals and styles.

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