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PGP in Data Science and Machine Learning – Job Guarantee Program

Learn from Win in Life academy faculty and industry experts! Our Machine Learning program is integrated with a course designed by Best faculties in india to help you master data science, Python, and machine learning with real-time projects. Win In Life offers a 100% placement guarantee after the course completion. Enroll now.

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3/6/12 Months

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About Program

Machine Learning Certification Training Course in India

The world is becoming digital and to aid it to grow successfully machine learning greatly contributes. The aim of this online machine learning course offered by Win In Life Academy is to let you explore all the ML concepts which is the most important part of artificial intelligence. The course covers the overview of machine learning concepts and how to work with real-time data as well as the right way to develop algorithms, regression analysis, and time series modeling.

What you can learn from Machine Learning Certification?

Win In Life Academy ML online certification training using Python helps the audience to understand machine learning concepts and thus draw predictions from the data. This training program is designed to offer a deeper understanding of machine learning along with all the associated mechanisms. Every data scientist must know what machine learning is and how to implement it using Python. Also, the course curriculum includes teaching an important aspect of AI called reinforcement learning. The course includes a live demo, hands-on exercises, real-life projects, case studies, and practicals.

You will know about time series modeling, Kernel SVM, Decision tree, Naïve Bayes, KMeans clustering, random forest classifiers, fundamentals of deep learning, boosting, and bagging techniques.

Key Features

3/6/12 Month
  • Gain expertise with 25+ hands-on exercises
  • Real-time industry projects with integrated labs
  • Dedicated mentoring sessions from industry experts
  • Instructor-led training with certification

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Who Can Apply for the Course?

What roles can a Data Science & Artificial Intelligence play?

Senior Data Scientist

Understand the issues and create models based on the data gathered, and also manage a team of Data Scientists.

AI Expert

Build strategies on frameworks and technologies to develop AI solutions and help the organization prosper.

Machine Learning Expert

With the help of several Machine Learning tools and technologies, build statistical models with huge chunks of business data.

Applied Scientist

Design and build Machine Learning models to derive intelligence for the numerous services and products offered by the organization.


Big Data Specialist

Create and manage pluggable service-based frameworks that are customized in order to import, cleanse, transform, and validate data.

Senior Business Analyst

Extract data from the respective sources to perform business analysis, and generate reports, dashboards, and metrics to monitor the company’s performance.

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Who Can Apply for the Course?

I’m Interested in this program?

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75% of our learners achieve career

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